4 Hour Session or Event
*Option for multiple locations
HQ Digital Images delivered in a private online album (300 min)

Includes 10 year cloud backup


2 Hour Session or Event
HQ digital images delivered in a private online album (100 min)


1 Hour Session
HQ digital images delivered in a private online album (50 min)

Bridal or Engagement Portrait Session


2 Hours

5 airbrushed images

HQ digital images delivered to a private online album

10 years cloud backup




5 airbrushed images. 

*Group rates available

+30 Minutes

$100 for each additional half hour. Must be combined with one of the available collections or headshots. 


Airbrushing/photoshopping images begins at $25/image. Please inquire for any service not listed below to discuss pricing. These images are delivered after your initial delivery so you can select specific images for things such as framing, ordering prints and canvases, etc... All images will be edited in a realistic fashion and maintain all artistic integrity at my discretion. 

Basic services include...

Skin perfecting, teeth whitening,  blemish/scar/tatto/glasses glare/grease/sweat/shine removal, wrinkle smoothing, etc...


Please inquire for all "on location" fees as well as mandatory permit fees for use of some public and private land (i.e. National Mall and Memorial Parks). Prices start at $50. 



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